Susan O'Sullivan MA  UKCP Reg,
for emotional wellbeing & healthy relationships


Counselling and Psychotherapy are called "the talking cures". The relationship between the client and therapist is one where open and honest dialogue is encouraged in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment. 

You may find it difficult to speak of your "true" feelings because you feel guilty, disloyal or feel that you are just being stupid, weak and should "get a grip". It is my job to provide a supportive arena where all your emotions, thoughts and feelings can be freely explored and expressed. 

My approach to counselling involves a dual approach, namely:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

is used for people presenting with a range of difficulties including anxiety and depression. The work concentrates on identifying the thoughts (some of which you may not be aware of) that fuel our feelings. Once these thoughts are identified we can than work on challenging the beliefs you have about yourself, others and the world. It is a collaborative approach to therapy and we would work as a team in order to make you feel better.  The work usually takes between 6 to 12 sessions.

Classic or Traditional Therapy - (Psychodynamic) 

Sometimes before the CBT model can be usefully used it may be helpful to take a deeper look at particular unhappy or disappointing patterns that you feel keep recurring in your life. Together we would work to uncover the underlying causes to gain deeper understanding of all your difficulties and then we would work to resolve these difficulties which will allow you to make the necessary changes.

The work is open-ended with regular reviews.