Susan O'Sullivan MA  UKCP Reg,
for emotional wellbeing & healthy relationships


Perhaps you're looking at this website because there is a specific issue that is troubling you or, perhaps you're experiencing difficult but unexplained feelings leaving you lost’ or ‘out of sorts’.  You've tried getting a grip but the difficult feelings continue. Counselling can help you make sense of these feelings and give you insights into your own and others' behaviours.  

I work with wide range of issues with men, women and young people from many walks of life. 

How Long does it take?  

This is a difficult to answer. For some people one session may do the trick, for others as little as one to six sessions with a counsellor can help to make a difference. But sometimes a longer term approach may be more appropriate. However, you as the client, have the final say as to how much counselling you receive.