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Face to face therapy from the comfort of your own home

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Video counselling using either Skype or VSee  is face-to-face therapy conducted over the internet as a video phone call. 

Video counselling has benefits that traditional face-to-face therapy does not have. Firstly, it breaks down physical mobility and geographical barriers, providing flexible appointment times. 

Perhaps you would be more comfortable discussing significant issues without someone sitting in front of you as you can express your feelings openly from the comfort of your own home or office.

Who Uses Video Counselling?

This method may be useful for those who suffer from shyness, live in remote areas, maybe you are trapped in the home due to disability or a phobia. Also, people on the autistic spectrum who sometimes have difficulty relating find this method of communication more comfortable.

If you’re unfamiliar with Skype and Vsee please visit the websites and have a look around. Video calls are free but require a computer and a broadband connection. You will need to download the software to your computer from the website first by following the links or www.vsee.comThen all you need is a webcam and a microphone attached to your computer to get going. If you opt for video counselling we will agree fixed appointments and I will call you at these agreed times. 

Sessions are 50 minutes long and will be weekly depending on your needs.